7.13am – It’s Friday and I have to get up no matter what. There’s a meeting at 9am… Ah… So early…

8.35am – Gosh! The lil’ hub just suddenly reminded me that the timing of our possible house and when the car needs to be scrapped, is around the same time! Sucks… how much cash do we need??

9.54am – Done. Let’s start calculating…

10.14am – I just received a 28 combo kicks and punches from little milo. Gosh… Is there some secret scriptures of martial arts hidden in my womb? Why are both sister and brother the same?

1.56pm – It’s quite a good thing that at least the lil’ hub knows how to estimate the amount required to get the house we targeted. We just need to assume a few things and ensure that it comes true by then.

2.38pm – No mood to work. And it’s weird to feel so hungry, so early. I thought I was feeling rather full just now?


6.42pm – It sure feels nice to be outside and surfing Internet because you’ve got the data plan! Somewhat thanks to my sis for that. I think I should try and do this more often. Oh, but I doubt I can because that would means reducing time spent with little milkie. Hmm… Take leave? *ponder*

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