Ramblings #1066

5.47am – At this very moment, all I feel like doing is to take out a gun to shoot that bird who had been chirping loudly since Lord knows what time.

6.03am – Did someone killed that bird or did it just read my FB status? It stopped chirping!

6.36am – Wow… That’s smelly… When was the last time I cleared my bowels?

6.48am – Cleared. It’s a big pile. But now I have to battle with my insomnia again. I need to get some more sleep but…

9.38am – Looks like I’m awake after managing to get another hour plus of forced sleep. It’s better than none. Good morning!

1.02pm – After spending the whole morning drawing with little milkie, I’m currently being forced by her to come over to my auntie’s house while she played with my nephew. Luckily I’ve got my iPad with me.

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