Ramblings #1069

9.49am – It definitely isn’t good for a preggy lady to be feeling so stress out at such times of the day. It’s still early. I just completed a training which somehow, from what I feel, wasn’t too happy for the recipient, for that would means (according to his words) more work and late night meetings. Yes, I agree totally. That means more work for me too!

Anyway, the day didn’t start off really that well. Alarm didn’t go off until 7.30am. Apparently I accidentally switched off the earlier one and didn’t turn it on. And then I had to quickly packed everything. Little milkie decided to try and run away from school again, but luckily I managed to grab her and pacify her a little before I handed her to her favourite teacher. After that, I had to rush in immediately to this training, which I was late for 2 minutes. Sigh… one thing that I don’t really want, is to be late for an overseas training. Don’t really feel like wasting their night time. After all, they are SUPPOSED to be off work. But then, it’s either them, or me… Then, there’s the constant reminder that my partner and I haven’t submitted our claims. And the problem is… I couldn’t get the answers that I want from her. It’s either YES, COMPLETED AND MAILED, or NOT YET, BUT I’M SENDING LATER, or I NEED YOUR HELP. None of those. I have no idea what is happening over there which is something that I hate. There’s only 10 days left, she might not mind forking out the cash, but I do. And there’s the lil’ hub who will be there laughing at me. Sucks. What’s more? There’s that few emails from ONE person stating out what is to be done, and one of them is the cock up done by the admin yesterday. I tried to cover for her but seriously, it is HER fault and not mine. How can one simply assume like that just because it’s to be presented by the same person, and that the title sounds familiar? Can’t she just double check a little? Would that kill??? Now I truly understand why the bosses are so pissed with her at times, because if it’s me, I would be too, especially when it’s not just once or twice.

Gosh, I think I better go grab some food before little milo starts starving inside. He must have known that I’m not in a good mood, for he kept quiet all this while, till I started talking to him a few seconds ago. Ah… am so looking forward to his arrival. Love him and little milkie, and of course, my dearest lil’ hub! ^^ Life’s still good.

10.15am – Headache? You are not the only one. I’ve got bodyaches too. And I’m stressed like crazy. But I’m here at work. Sometimes, though a bit bad, there really is how much a person can move “up” with such attitudes. I hope she knows what she’s doing. If she decided to stay, then she better bucked up, especially when a lot of people already don’t have a good opinion on her (and yet she still wants to go on a half day ON her duty day?!!). Otherwise, if she decided to leave, then she better bucked up in sending out her resume, QUICK!

11.25am – I’m going for my lunch soon. There’s going to be a meeting later on at about 3pm. Chatted with a few friends just now and heard some good news. A good friend is preggy! So happy for her, for she’s trying hard to conceive. Hope she rest well and don’t get so worried. And then my partner finally replied and said that she’s going to do it tonight. Let’s hope we can clear by tomorrow. A dear friend messaged me too, he’s well, other than still a little sick. Too bad he’s too far away for me to show much concerns. And then lastly, little milkie will start toilet training soon! Let’s hope she can get rid of that diaper. That will definitely save some money on the groceries. *LOL*

12.25pm – I just heard a rather amusing thing. So A was telling B that she’s suitable to only start work on Tuesday after CNY. And then B told her that she can’t, because there’s a very important meeting on Monday. Contradictions. If it’s really important, then why did she always take leave or don’t feel well (like today) on the day of the meeting?

Even though I’m not affected directly, I’m sick of her reasons. Even if for a day, it’s really real that she’s not feeling well, I doubt anyone will really believe her. There’s simply too many cases where it’s such a coincidence.

1.15pm – Woohoo! It’s definitely the nicest increment I’d ever got since I started working in this company. But looks like times are going to be hard ahead for the boss to want to push the increment for us. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy with what I was given. And hopefully I get to save it all up! Endure!

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