Ramblings #1070

3.57pm – The rain must have endured for a long time, to rain so heavily in January. Nonetheless, it’s nice to rain, but would be even better if my parents had already fetched little milkie back home, and I’m back at home from work. Even better if it’s while I’m sleeping. And the best is, if I don’t have to work the next day. *dreaming*

4.13pm – OMG! Today is fruits day and a box of pears was delivered to my admin. But then guess what? When she opened the box, she found a pear that is half eaten! And a further search into the box showed a few more with bites here and there! Is Singapore infested by rats recently?! YUCKS! I think I will skip my fruits today. Lost my appetite already.

4.20pm – I’m taking half day tomorrow. I used to have so many plans on what I want to do, but why do I suddenly feel so lost? I can’t go back to my own house because the virus might still be there. I don’t really want to go back to my parents’ house because there isn’t any place conducive enough to do the things I want. I can’t really go outside to do since the working lappies that I have does not have the software that I require. *headache*

4.34pm – Or maybe I should really just stay at home after work tomorrow, and try to clear as many things as possible? Hmm… which is a better option?

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