Ramblings #1074

5.40am – Ah… aching backs… painful pelvis… Ah… I need to go pee…

6.15am – Better try and sleep now before my alarm starts ringing.

7.35am – Gosh! Did I forget to switch on my alarm?!! I’m late. I’m late. Better hurry up.

7.54am – The lil’ hub is nice to offer to pack little milkie’s school bag. But then… it seems like everything is wrong and I have to repack again. *LOL*

9.12am – OMG! I totally forgot about my lappie that’s left at home! Urgh! And I still double checked so many times to ensure that I brought everything to work. I hate Monday.

1.05pm – Looks like I won’t get to have my Khong Guan egg rolls this year. Can’t seem to find it anywhere. And the rest of it are all Taiwan made. I wonder if it’s safe to eat those. *sulk*

1.36pm – The lil’ hub’s still feeling down after not being able to find a job yet. And worse still when the car starts giving him problem. Sigh… Did I make a wrong choice by supporting him to quit his job? But anyway, does it matter? He already quit, and that’s like 1.5 years ago. Looking at his luck, he should be able to find one soon. *Pray hard*

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