Drama – Pinocchio (Korean)

It’s 2am in the morning and I’m hooked. Thankfully, it’s over, as I finished knowing the full story of this Korean drama, Pinocchio, starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong-Suk, the actress and actor that I like.

Honestly, it really is very important to find the right casts to ensure the success of a drama, especially where there’s so many competitions. And of course, the plot must be nice too. For this one, I guess it’s not as sad as some of the others, as the couple didn’t really give up much due to stupid reasons. I mean, put it this way, in reality, how many people will actually listen to parent’s words. And one of the reasons why I like this drama, is because it’s not the usual plot where there’s a rich guy who fell in love with a poor girl, and then the guy’s family disapproves and blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, it started with the young Dal-po (Lee Jong-Suk) with his elder brother and family. The father is a firefighter and is very proud of his 2 intelligent sons. But then a chemical explosion caused the life of his father, and the media accused his father of causing the deaths of his team mates, when someone with Pinocchio syndrome commented that he saw the father running away, and subsequently, of which, they couldn’t find the bones of the father at the scene. (Pinocchio syndrome refers to someone who cannot lie. If so, the body will react to it. In this case, In-ha [Park Shin Hye] starts hiccup-ing whenever she lies, or against her thoughts/feelings).

Anyway, because of the media, Dal-po’s family was under tremendous pressure. And on the day where his elder brother went to look for the reporter (who happens to be In-ha’s mother), he got locked in prison for attacking her and thus didn’t go back home. Dal-po’s mum then brought Dal-po to commit suicide. Dal-po, of course, was saved, but he thought that his brother abandoned them and thus didn’t tell his saver about his own family. The grandfather who saved him, is In-ha’s grandfather, and then she moved in with her father not long later… It’s a good ending, so don’t worry for having a heartache at the end of it. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Complicated? So coincidence? Yes! That’s how drama is always like! *LOL* But it’s nice, really, although there’s still bits of stupidity somewhere. Nonetheless, it’s good because the couple did try to put up a fight against some of the odds, and stay together. Korean dramas should have more or these, instead of always suffering in silence. And the 2 of them really look quite good together.

Anyhow, that’s all for this drama. It’ll definitely be one of my top few most like drama, for now.

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