Ramblings #1075

8.51am – She was a little reluctant, but still managed to go in. I left her with the teacher and went with putting her things around, and suddenly, she just cried out loud. I guessed she didn’t want me to just *poof*! But I didn’t! She just didn’t see me behind her. Ah… my little sweetie… life still goes on

9.11am – I just stepped foot into the office a while ago, switched on my lappie and checked my emails, and then a wave of “sian-ness” swarm over me, as I read some emails sent by the BNs (Bo Naos = Brainless). As much as work is concern, I’m not exactly that happy nor satisfied. It’s really frustrating to be dealing with people who either can’t be bothered, or simply defends themselves without any concrete facts or reasoning.

And then there’s my dearest neighbour who gets so sick with her work. Who doesn’t? But yet her words and actions doesn’t tally at all. And I’m more or less done with my advice for her. Repeating those words day after day ain’t something interesting, and I do find myself getting naggy, which I hated it. It suddenly dawns on me that it felt like a deja vu, for I remembered hearing something similar when I had my first pregnancy, that she wants to find another job. But that’s like 2.5 years ago, at least, and now, she’s still here. Does she expects a new job to fall from the sky? Probably for some people, things do come so easily, but if you’d waited for 2.5 years to no avail, I think it’s really TIME you do something.

Anyway, I’d not much appetite for breakfast today, and rejected her invitation. There’s no point having breakfast with her while she kept on using her phone.

9.23am – How easy, to simply push the job to someone else… *faintz* Stupid router.

10.01pm – Am feeling really sleepy now. Should I take some biscuit or cereal, so that I can take my vitamins? Sigh… I don’t feel good. I wonder if I’m really getting sick, or I’m just sick. Ah sucks… why did the meeting change?! And didn’t my boss check my timing before she changed?? Sigh…

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