Shopping – Shine Korea Supermarket @ Far East Plaza

You mean it’s still not enough to go crazy over the Korean dramas, and hairstyles of those Korean stars, and now you still have to eat Korean food?!!

Yes, it seems like the craze over Korean pops or whatever pops ain’t going to be over anytime soon, though it already lasted for quite some time. And now, though I’m a little hype over some of the dramas, unlike the lil’ hub, he’s into the food, especially KIMCHI. I like it, but not to the extend to need to buy and eat it.


Anyhow, I’m here at this Shine Korea Supermarket located at B1 of Far East Plaza. Am a little surprise to see it here though. I happened to pass by and saw it, which was good for the lil’ hub had been trying to get his hands on the MORE kimchi.

There’s a wide variety of Korean food in this supermarket too, which I thought was rather good. Maybe some day, if my taste bud changes, I’ll keep on heading for this small little supermarket that’s located around this island.

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