After a boring and moodless day, followed by a shock to realise that the voucher is expiring soon, and then running a few errands before bringing little milkie to cut her hair, and then ordering the kueh lapis and going to the supermarket for a short while, it’s time to FINALLY sit down and rest.

I’m freaking tired, if you were to ask me. The almost 2kg weight that I’m carrying everywhere with me ain’t giving me an easy job. In fact, it’s making me rather breathless nowadays.

Anyway, probably I wasn’t really noticing everytime I’m here at Hougang Mall, or that I simply forgotten, I didn’t realise that there’s a McCafe inside the McDonald’s at level 1, just at the entrance over here until my sis brought it up.



Nothing fantastic, as usual. I just like the idea of them creating different designs even for hot chocolate. It’s nice, really, and suddenly, I wonder if I want to go and learn this technique. It seems really interesting. There’s another one though, using a stenciling template. Hmm… shall KIV this in my list of things I want to try.

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