So here we are, start of a “new year” based on I’m-not-too-sure-what calendar. Nonetheless, according to astrology, it’s already the new year, instead of the Chinese New Year that is on the 19 Feb 2015 stated on the calendar. And what are you supposed to do on this day again, every year? Yes, wear red and deposit money. Better to believe it than missed it!

So here’s the chart that had been circulating around these 2 days, and of which I’d seen and received quite a few times via my Facebook and Whatsapp.


I’m expecting a long queue later. I just hope that it’s not going to be very long. Anyway, it’s the start of a new year, so be aware that luck’s going to change.

For myself, I’ll have to keep on remind myself not to interfere too much in other people’s business, i.e. don’t be KPO. And at the same time, not to procrastinate and focus on the things that I want to do (which again, is one whole list). Lastly, to manage my finance better, which I’m definitely trying to but there just seems to be so many things that requires money here and there.

Well, life still goes on and I’m glad my 2015, according to JY, ain’t going to be too bad. I’ve got my directions all marked out in my cubicle and am ready to receive a satisfying and fulfilling 2015!

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