Ramblings #1081

10.08am – It’s Thursday today, and I have an urge to bury myself in my blogs, and let the accumulated water flow out without any restrain.

The morning had been peaceful thus far, with little people around in my department. I did wonder for a moment if I missed any meeting again earlier on, but scrap that idea off after I saw my admin coming in.

Last night, we (the lil’ hub, myself and little milkie) had managed to sleep earlier at before 10.30pm. It was relatively good, I would say, though I woke up around midnight to pee and make myself a cup of milk as I’m feeling a little hungry. And at the same time, the sis finally came back after managing to deposit the money into the account at 11-ish-pm. So had a short and quick chat with her before I headed to bed.

Then at 2am+, little milkie woke me up because she wet herself and requested to change her clothes. Not her fault. We all just forgotten to change her diaper before she sleep as all of us simply dozed off, and now, it overflowed.

Subsequently, I woke up at around 6am for my peeing again, that’s when I decided that I shall simply stay awake and start packing my things.

Maybe, it’s because she had enough sleep too, today, little milkie didn’t kick up a fuss when she reached her school. In fact, she happily head on to ride on the bicycle with her friend sitting behind, after checking her hand and foot.

It’s Thursday and I’m on leave tomorrow. Why? To go to the beach and rot. It’s been a while since we went there for a picnic. I just hope it won’t rain.

Good morning!

2.05pm – I would LOVE to blog some more but looks like I’ll have to clear some of my work first before I can do that. *sulk*

2.40pm – I guess it’s time that the bank starts to think through the way they updates their client. I just received a call telling me that they are calling from the UOB bank, and asking me for my particulars to verify so that they can tell me the updates which I enquired quite a while ago. Hello?! I applied the card like last year? And dude, how do I verify then, that you are TRULY calling from UOB? There’s NO WAY I can do that, you know? But yet if I were to give you all my particulars so that YOU can verify whether I’m the correct person, that would means after that, you have ALL my details. Hey! What kind of nonsense is this?? You called my number and you asked me to verify myself? What kind of logic is that?

Anyway, I can do without that credit card. I just thought that the colour looks nicer and I feel like changing it. But looking at the circumstances now, makes me wonder if I should stick with this bank. Sigh.

4.16pm – Another hour to go…

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