I just had a chat with this colleague just now. Wrong, more of letting her vent out her frustrations, for I can see the level going up to her neck soon, that left her tired and sick. And so, I discovered more information about her relatively new project manager, and of which, I suspected that’s the case when I saw her doing HIS work.

Yes, I never said it wrongly. He’s the project manager, and yet she’s the one looking through the proposals and writing the project plan. It’s weird, definitely. I mean, though I didn’t have a long history of being a project manager, I did go through quite a bit of pain for that year or so in and liaising with the government sector (which is definitely a good training ground for writing lots and LOTS of documents).

Worse still, that team has got a team member who used to be of higher ranking than this new project manager. And so, he wasn’t convinced that this new boss is capable enough. Especially when the new boss never demonstrate that indeed, he is better!

How to work in a team such as that?

I have no idea. Personally, I ended a job of 6 months because I needed someone who can guide me and bring me to a higher level, instead of sweeping everything under the floor. That’s one of the reasons why I left.

What would you do? If you don’t find your boss competent enough. In fact, you probably can do better.

Sigh, anyway, let me help her a little by reviewing that SOW from that xxx company.

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