7.01am – Meeting. Meeting. What kind of meeting is this? Why do they need to set it so early?

7.32am – Ah… It’s so funny when little milkie totally didn’t response to my calling when I wake her up. Looks like half an hour DOES make a big difference. I’m glad I made her sleep earlier last night. Or else it could have been worse.


7.57am – THAT is definitely a look that says “STOP DISTURBING ME”. *LOL* And she was stoning with her mouth opened just a while ago. So funny…

8.16am – Oh my, I can’t believe I’m so early at work. *Yawn*

12.15pm – Yes! Got some good news again! And looks like we can proceed on with our next plan! Join the clan! Anyway, looks like the luck of those born in the year of dog is getting better! *LOL* Meanwhile, let me clear some errands after my lunch first. I’m so freaking hungry after skipping my breakie this morning, I swear I almost fainted.

12.36pm – Gee… of all places, I can only get that size from the branch in Ion. Takes a week to transfer to the branch here? By then, Valentines’ day and Chinese New Year would be over. Hmm… now… I need to think how to get down there to grab that nice shirt for the lil’ hub…

1.18pm – Goodness gracious! My colleague and I just finished our lunch (teppanyaki) like an hour ago, and now we are at Long John’s sharing a set of meal because we are both craving for it! It’s a time to celebrate and get fat!!


3.54pm – Expensive pineapple tarts surely doesn’t equates tasty ones. Are you craving for some now (suddenly thought of a friend far away…)? *LOL* Gee, I’ve been eating so much, I hope little milo won’t have another burst of weight increase next Saturday!

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