It was just seconds ago before I hung up on the phone with my mum, and then my sister messaged me to tell me that her godmum passed away this morning…

Naturally, I was surprise for my mum never say anything when she’s the one who called my sister and told her about it. Probably it’s because I couldn’t go down to the funeral anyway…

Chinese New Year is just less than a week and yet the elder can’t pull through it. And it seems like it’s always the case – when a big event is coming, if you can’t make pass it, you can’t make pass it.

An elder whom I knew since young. My sister’s godmum, my grandfather’s younger sister. There’s definitely going to be some impact on the family, for we are rather close with them. It’s a tad sad that she’s unable to celebrate this Chinese New Year, really…

I mean,… she will be missed, and hope she can finally rest in peace, and be without all those pains.


That was her last birthday celebration last year. Her children had held it for her, fearing that she won’t get to live much longer due to some sickness. It wasn’t a very big event, but there were a lot of warmth and laughter. Though I won’t be able to attend your wake, may you rest in peace, mai-po. Amen.

~ “Gone but not Forgotten” ~

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