12.14am – There he goes… leaving me awake. And he can really sleep fast, snoring almost immediately…

12.54am – Huh? Added payee? I didn’t even login at this time!

1.03am – Luckily I managed to recall that I DID have another account with this bank. Otherwise, it might probably cause some issues. And I’m glad my partner replied. *LOL*

1.53am – Just when I could finally sleep, a stench of urine smell hit my nose and I’m like O.O”’ The diaper had overflowed.

8.42am – Poor little milkie. Due to the poor quality of her sleep last night (which got disrupted by the puke and changing of diaper & clothes), and thus the auto-waking up half an hour earlier, she tried to run back to the car again. But sigh… can’t let her get used to crying and bringing her home. That will make her do it again. Let’s hope the teachers treat her well… I’m so glad it’s Friday already.

11.13am – Hmm… looks like I can’t get my things from Uniqlo today. Need to change plan. Need to change plan.

11.36am – Do you know the purpose of a template? It basically is to standardise all the contents and format inside that document. What is the point, then, of a template, IF you happily go and change the colours, fonts, format and all inside the template? Then I might as well do without it.

I don’t understand. Is this such a difficult “rule” to follow? Why do I have to constantly battle with people of such minds?

I don’t like my job. It doesn’t have much meaning. Really. But it’s so near to where I stay, so much so that I try to ignore the monetary portion. Sigh… endure… endure… endure…


1.52pm – Feeling sleepy again after a heavy lunch. Took a fat and ugly passport photo of myself. Bought the envelopes. And on top of that, I got some heart shaped glitters (got attracted by that 30% discount) and the background cards for my flash cards! Well, well, well, the busy mum is again full of ideas but lack of energy to execute everything. And the blogs are all suffering because of that! I can’t let that happen!

Little milo, little milo, would you come out earlier, like in March? Please give me some signs if you really do for I need to handover quite a bit of things, especially at work.

2.49pm – Wow… little milo… do you have to kick me until so hard?

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