Thoughts – Waiting for Him to ‘Pop’

It seems like donkey years had passed since I last wrote on my blog. No, I never forgotten about it. It’s still always at the back of my mind, almost everyday. But it’s just that the inertia and occupancy of other chores (including my own laziness) made it really difficult for me to come in and blog. Or even update whatever brief notes that I wrote here and there.

Now, I’m even wondering if I can keep up with the daily blogging which I wanted to since I started this blog. ‘Owing’ myself tons of blog posts doesn’t seem too right either.

Anyway, side tracking a little. I feel like killing one of my colleagues now!!! I seriously don’t understand where is the difficulty – to see the difference between two documents with some words and font size etc. being different. It’s as obvious as comparing between an apple and an orange! And now I felt like I’m speaking in alien language again. Sigh…

I’m working from home this week. It’s not too bad an option as long as I don’t need to handle such cases. There’s more distractions though, from the bed to tea break, to going out for a while, to my little milkie coming home to greet me. Nonetheless, it definitely is a much better choice when it comes to going to the washroom. At least I don’t have to walk all the way to one end, to realize that the toilet is cleaning in progress.

So how’s the waiting? Boring.

The tummy’s sure is getting bigger as time goes by and I’m pretty sure so is my little milo. But the anticipation is killing me as I wonder every morning if it will be THE day. Of course till now, it hasn’t. Not much contractions. Pain in pelvic area, yes. Heaviness definitely. But otherwise that’s it.

Then life other than work and stoning had basically halt. Halt. You heard me right! My life is a little messy nowadays. Even my work seems to be so when my head is filled mainly with – when am I going to deliver?

Nesting instinct? Looks like I have none this time round. I can’t seem to get any extra energy out from whatever little energy that was generated. As I’d mentioned, it’s in a mess. My room is, my work (both work and personal) is, my blogs are, little milkie’s study curriculum, and what’s worse? I looked like an auntie everyday because I simply don’t bother to dress up nor neatly when I’m at home!

I now declare I’m in a state of chaos.

Maybe, I should spend some time to sort out a little instead of trying to clear the backlogs, like what I usually do when I’m in the office. For the past few days I’m just simply doing and doing, and I guess that really bores me out.

Today there’s some eclipse going on and Joey Yap had mentioned not to go out at 9.30am. It’s now already 10-ish. Good. Let’s all try and press on amidst the stupidity!

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