I’d wanted to write this since hours ago, but was caught up by the news that was broadcast on CNA, on the transporting of Mr Lee’s body to the Parliament House. And then subsequently by some of the work but no, today, for some reasons, maybe because little milo had decided to come out (probably today?!!), the ‘nesting’ instincts that some of the mothers had swore by, has finally kicked in early in the morning. Finally, there seems to be a burst of energy (other than the swelling legs) that kept on pushing me to plan, so as to clear up the work and my extremely messy room. And I hope it’s strong enough to push me despite the weight that I carried with my swelling legs.

If those ‘nesting’ instincts are really true, I wonder if little milo will come out this week, and before the lil’ hub’s birthday. If yes, then I think I had really better prepare and get ready before he pops out. Things are really in a mess now. I stepped into my room and almost wanted to faint. How can one live in such conditions? (They can, when they don’t have the energy to do it)



These, are just 2 corners of the room. I doubt I want to show more of it.

So that’s it. Planning starts now! Firstly, I’ll need to go run some errands and get my lunch before I head home to clear the work but where’s my dad? O.O?

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