Ramblings #

11.12am – It feels like a new start, especially for a Monday. Life seems to have gone back to normal, with a lot of people changing back to their own profile picture and cover photo today. Me too. But yet the news kept on flowing, both negative and positive.

I’m currently sitting in the kitchen of my parents’ house, with the China auntie gossiping about her recently divorced tenant. It’s the 4th couple already, to have rented and lived in that room, and split after that. Could be some bad fengshui with that particular room? Another auntie of mine had amusingly commented to my Uncle, to tell him to sleep in that room with his China wife shall he wants to divorce (since they are always arguing). Alas… I wonder, is she going to stay here for long, since her toilet is under renovation now? Hmm… I can’t really stand her voice, to be honest, after hearing her complaining for more than 10 years, about anything and everything.

Sucks, and she took 10 days leave so as to watch over the renovation. Gosh… does that means I have to see her for the next 10 days if little milo still don’t intend to come out? So, my little milo, are you going to save your mummy by coming out, so that mummy can go stay in the hospital and then subsequently back in Punggol for the whole month?

Sigh… yes, I’m still playing the waiting game. And it ain’t exactly that comfortable with little milo pressing so hard on my pelvic area. I walked like a duck and my legs swelled to that of a pig. Yet, there don’t seem to be signs of little milo coming out any sooner.

And crap. The way some people do things is really )&@(%&#&^Y!#!*$! To think that you are going on leave for almost a week, and yet you never inform those things that you are in charge of. WTF. Sigh… I have a feeling things will be in quite a mess when I go on my maternity leave but… I will try not to care so much.

Today, I haven’t started doing anything yet. Would like to plan a little before I actually start doing but looks like my plan will be disrupted by the meeting (which I don’t intend to attend initially) later in the afternoon. Sucks.

It looks exceptionally hot today, compared to the weird weather that we experience yesterday. Bright and sunny, is that a good sign of a bright future to come? From the morning till now, after finally managed to grab and send my little milkie, who acted drama early in the morning again, I had begun to walk around every now and then. It really isn’t that good an idea to work from home but it’s definitely still better than not working at all, and you have all the time in the world to wait and wait.

Again, will it be later? I wondered…

2.25pm – I haven’t done anything yet. Oops. Planned the list of things to do today but hasn’t got the mood to do it yet. Didn’t really want the meeting to break the momentum. And am waiting to drink the barley which my mum is brewing. Hmm… life’s boring and I’m so sleepy. *Yawn*

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