Ramblings #1115

10.48am – Hey! Good morning! Oh yes, I’m STILL around carrying my enormous tummy that’s STILL pressing on my pelvic area, which clearly shows that my little milo is still comfy inside my womb! Yeah! How nice… big and spacious with lots of cushioning and good food. Maybe I should try starving myself and probably he will decide to come out. *LOL* Alright, I’m just joking.

Well, it’s the start of another probably boring day with me having not much mood to work. Had initially wanted to go to the library to borrow and return some books but looks like my dad won’t really be that free today as he needs to help my sister to bring her car for repair.

Online shopping had to cease for now in case there’s an overwhelming of delivery and oh! I almost forgotten that there’s a delivery for my sister soon. Ah… Preggies… always that forgetful. Sigh…

11.29am – Constipation again. And it’s bleeding! But I thought I drank a lot of water?!!! Sigh…

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