So is that it? Little milo’s going to be “chased” out of his house tomorrow, just like his sister, almost 3 years ago? And the birth date and time of both my children will be somewhat determined by my gynae, Dr Ching? O.O”’

By this time tomorrow, by right, if there’s no hiccups, and that the lil’ hub is on time, we SHOULD be on our way to the hospital. The same hospital where I delivered my first adorable little baby, my little milkie. Jitters? Yes, I guess I’m having it right now, and only now.

Little milkie woke me up about 1.5 hours ago, asking for milk (not sure where that come from again), and then thoughts after thoughts kept me awake until now, which of course, after quite a while, I realised that there’s no way I can get back my sleep anymore. Not to mention that I actually forgot to let her wear diaper to sleep last night but right now, she had refused to wear it (thank God she didn’t pee in her sleep). In just another 18 minutes, my alarm clock will start ringing, and that will signify the start of a normal day. Normal day for everyone else but definitely not for me. Am I ready to become a mother again??

The exploding boobs (which I don’t feel it yet, thankfully). The sleepless nights. The cries, poop and puke. The do’s and the don’ts. The re-adjusting of my life with a new life. *Gulp* I guess I’m not. And what’s worse… I haven’t finish a lot of things yet!!! My audit, and anything that I could have left or missed out at my work. My income tax which I haven’t filed because of the business. The plans that I had planned and going to plan, and never carried out for I’m simply too tired despite working from home and having the chance to do a little bit more. What’s going to happen after my maternity leave? To stay or not to stay? For how long? The items that I need to pack in the bag when I go for my delivery. The present for little milkie, that’s supposed to be from little milo. The messy room which I hadn’t finished packing. The room supposed to be set up for the confinement lady – mattresses weren’t moved yet! And yes, confinement lady, did the lil’ hub arrange that properly? Food. There’s still so many food that I want to eat before that one month in “prison”! What should I eat for lunch and dinner today? And my finger nails are still freaking long!! Name… gosh… what will little milo’s name be? And the lil’ hub suddenly pulled a stunt late last night and said that we shall not check with Auntie Yang, in order to be fair to little milkie. *GASP, PULLS HAIR*

8 of April. A Goat. A Yang Wood. An Aries. How will little milo look like?

Honestly, I haven’t been talking to little milo as much as I’d talked to little milkie previously. Yes, I know… it shouldn’t be the case but it did. And all I can say is, when he’s out, let’s hope the situation will change a little and I can balance my time between my job, hobbies and family. But even now, I can feel that it might be a little overwhelming. I need to learn how to cope with that. And the thought of that gets me so restless and excited.

It’s 7.39am now, and I guess it’s time to start the day. Don’t freak out. Just breathe…

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