It’s not really that bad. It’s not really that bad. Well, it is bad. Ahh… I can’t wait to go back to my mum’s house. Gosh…

I had, actually intended to find a nice day, probably next week, sit down after my lunch or pump and slowly type out the days of my actually relatively nice and yet irritated confinement. But at this point, I just couldn’t endure anymore and had to shout it out. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

I’m fine. I’m totally fine. Really. Even the lil’ hub think that we probably should not stay here for too long. Why? Thanks to my beloved MIL who¬†pampers on her granddaughter WAY TOO MUCH. Hey, it’s everything and anything that she wants! Goodness. Just a sentence (example) to say that she wants or likes something, the next moment, my dearest MIL will be wondering where she can get it. I had to remind her times and again that NO, she should not get it for her for nothing.

And just a while ago, while I was paying my bills and enjoying what little luxury that I still have – aircon, in my own bedroom, suddenly I heard little milkie whining again, about wanting to drink and then the lil’ hub saying that it’s too cold, and somehow scolded the MIL a little. Alas… I knew something is wrong again. And so I went out to the living room and indeed… there, on the dining table, is a packet of cold chocolate milk which I believed the story goes like this… The grandmother opened the fridge and TADA! That little sneaky fellow is behind, and somehow the blur grandmother just happily asked her if she wants to drink the COLD milk *pengz* And then… who would let go of a cold packet of milk! Seriously, that 20 minutes of leaving the packet of milk on the table isn’t going to thaw away the temperature. Crap.

I’m not done. I’m receiving complaints everyday from the mother-son pair. More from the mother. Goodness. It’s like, hey, you ain’t exactly that clean either, so why are YOU complaining. And hey, isn’t it great that your son finally gets a job, so why are YOU complaining? Just because he’s working a tad late since he started this job and that he never work so late before? Or never woke up that early before? Or never walk so much road before (20 minutes)? And do you have to repeat the same thing (to me) everyday?!

Mother, in a way, as much as I try not to show my disgust in front of you, I do both pity and despise you at the same time. If there is a day where your son scolds you, you earned it. If you did try and guide him well but he still ended up the same, I can only say, I’m sorry, that’s probably your life. But if you indirectly “taught” him the way he is with your pamper-ness, then it’s just too bad. And if you continue to pamper him even at this age, then great, YOU DESERVE IT, and I’m not going to pity nor help you at all. All I’m going to say is, don’t pass this to my daughter nor son. So… I’m going to go back to my parents’ house and me (+ the kids) will see you less often so that you won’t inculcate bad influence on them.

Hey! I haven’t even complain about you talking to little milo when we all try to leave him alone so that he won’t keep wanting people to carry him!!! And then what the hell is with those early morning wake-ups and doing the household chores, and making dings and dongs here and there! Sigh…

Calm down… I still need my milk supply…

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