Well, amid some unhappiness (such as doing things to make yourself look rich [WTH] and over-preparing food just for one person with special diet), I’m glad that it ended with generally praises on the buffet catering as well as my dessert table from the relatives and friends (especially HIS relatives). Great thanks to Neo Garden Catering for providing such wonderful promotion (for Jubilee Babies) and service, and yet not affecting their quality and quantity of food. I’m able to hit the minimum number of pax, and they are able to combine it for different timings! Which means the food will be fresh for the guests! What’s more? You can even opt to choose different kinds of food for each timing.┬áSo seriously┬ácheck it out at their website at www.neogarden.com.sg, but to order, I think it’s better to just give them a call instead so that it’s much faster, especially if you need special request.

Of course, I have to thank my dearest sister for helping me out again on the decorations as well as the food for the dessert table, which got me quite a handful of praises just on that, especially when I’m almost “handicapped” and can’t go anywhere without permission on my own. It came out well and beautiful. Love it! So far, it seems like the best one that we ever did. And I think we are getting better and better each time! I’d also received several comments, asking me to start a business, which I seriously did intend to after my confinement.

Anyhow, the day started off really early, with me waking up at 6-ish in the morning to pump it out. By then, the supply was already affected. I can feel my whole back aching but with all those unfinished tasks, I just had to press on and pump out whatever pathetic drips of milk I can provide. I didn’t, of course, stress myself too much over this either. Did tell the confinement auntie to go ahead with the formula milk if required as I don’t want to play the chasing game.

Then it started as I continue to do up the leftover stuffs and pump again and finally, tada! My sister came and the whole table was completed. So here’s some photos on the eventful day!


An overview of my dessert table.


Never baked this time round. Don’t have the time. And I’m glad we made the right decision.


The star of the day, who couldn’t get to sleep for the whole day until the late afternoon. Awww… isn’t he cute wearing that tortoise romper?


Somehow, they all seem to have similar features other than the eyes. The aunt and her niece & nephew. Such a nice picture!


Lastly, a family photo at the end of the day, with the little one kept turning towards my boob’s direction for a drink. I guess the smell of milk must be really strong. Ah… of course, don’t forget I’m a cow right now… Moo… *LOL*

So that marks the end of the night, with my back almost breaking and eyes closing, and then my milk supply dropping. It’s just at most 2 days and I can see a significant drop. Let’s hope I can get it all up and running tomorrow.

Today is day 26, another 4 more days to go and I’ll be back at my parents’ house again… *grin*

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