Thoughts – Day 27: Strictly Eat, Rest & Pump Only

7.00pm – I’d been trying hard to recall when did the supply start to drop a little, and when did my right boob start to have that throbbing pain every now and then. Was it during Friday when I went out for that few hours of shopping? Or was it on Saturday when I delayed my pumping and then suddenly pumped it out too strong, thus causing some strain on the tissues or nerves.

Anyway, it was bad from my record. From a pump of around 80ml per session, it seems to have dropped back to around 60ml, or otherwise, 70ml but with great pains (since I try to put to one suction level higher). No good. Especially when the little one is having a growth spurt now. Of course, like I mentioned somewhere, I stopped playing the chasing game with him, and I simply can’t out win him with that 2 hourly feed. I still want my boobs, honestly. *LOL*

Despite the pain that I’m experiencing, I still have to bite through my teeth, hang in there and pump it. It’s in the evening now, and I’m relatively satisfied with my output (though there’s still a drop). I managed to nap once though I would hope to nap for more but time simply doesn’t allow. I’d had quite an amount of food but miraculously, I still feel hungry right now. Luckily the confinement auntie had just asked me to take my dinner. As for my pumping, there’s 2 power pumping so far. Will try and add on a third one later if the time permits. It’s a lot easier to do it without little milkie around. Today, her grandparents had kidnapped her to fetch my godmum who just came back to Singapore after a holiday to Hong Kong. Ah… how I wished I can go for a holiday now too.

Shall patiently wait.

The sky is getting dark soon. The lil’ hub will be working late, again. And I bet my MIL will repeat THE SAME thing again. And I probably will shut myself in the room once there’s no more TV shows that I want to watch. Thanks to the lil’ hub who brilliantly suggested and insisted that there should not be any TV allowed in bedrooms.

Today’s a bit boring but at least I’m not getting any backaches. And I sure look good excluding the fats around my waist (where it used to be). What more can I say other than… PRESS ON!

Okay, I’m going to watch the 7pm Korean drama on Channel U now. *poof*

10.03pm – Programmes’ over. I’m back in my bedroom. The lil’ hub is still not back way but on his way home. As for little milkie, she had decided to stay at her grandma’s house tonight for she’s got present from my godmum. Great. She’s so… practical… -.-”’

The last power pump is still at 80ml. Shall rest my boobs a while more before I do a normal pump at around 11-ish. I really hope those food supplements that I’m taking will help to increase the milk supply. I’m not exactly a fan of food and getting me to eat so many things is a little too much at times.

It’s less than an hour before I’m going for my last pump for the night, shall I get some short naps now? Hmm…

*OUCH!* My surface pro just gave a tight smack on my tummy. Urgh…

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