Breastfeeding – All the Abbreviation

Alright. I’m on it. I’m on it. Can’t you see I’m trying to catch up with my blog (lots of drafts – half written – in the list) as well as catching with my sleep!

It’s been 6 weeks pp since I gave birth to my LO and my world is still spinning and moving in random mode. But thankfully and hopefully it will stabilize soon so that I can start to do what I planned previously. I’ve been saying that very frequently and like what Ellen mentioned, let’s discuss about ‘procrastination’ and then the next she said, ‘maybe we will wait for another day’.

Anyway, I guess my brain is still a little scattered but one thing that I’ve been quite diligent about is still to, continuously search for ways to increase the ss. But as I do that, I did encounter some small issues. The abbreviations. Honestly, people kept using it as if they know, which indeed, they do. But I don’t. And it all seems so disgraceful to ask when everyone seems to know except you. And searching on the Internet doesn’t help when it could actually mean a number of things.

So, before my LO starts to growl in his sleep for his milk soon (which is starting), let me just try and compile a list which I know.

– LO: little one, basically it means your baby. Isn’t “bb” much easier to understand than LO.

– DH: I think, I hope I’m correct, it means “dearest husband”. Haha… Actually I prefer using “hub”. Again, why does people want to make things difficult. Who is the one that started all these?

– SS: supply of the milk. I have no idea where did the other S comes from but it means that.

– BF: breastfeed

– TBF: total breastfeed *pengz*

– BM: breast milk

– FBM: frozen breast milk

– EBM: expressed breast milk

– FM: formula milk

– EP: exclusive pump. So you only pump and pump, and pump.

– DL: direct latch

– PP: power pumping (can also mean post partum, depends on how you use it)

– MOTN: middle of the night

– x mpp: x months post partum

– LC: lactation consultant

– CL: confinement lady

– ML: massage lady

I guess you will see a lot of such terms if you go into forums for breastfeeding or increasing your milk supply. Will keep on adding if I encounter more. Hope it helps!

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