Ramblings #1132

2.41am – Why didn’t I hear my alarm ringing again? But luckily my body alarm woke myself up. It’s time for a new day! Ganbatte!

8.15am – The lil’ hub is soooooo nice…

Hub: Baby, you should thank me. I switch off your alarm so that you can get to sleep more just now.
Me: Oh. No wonder. But you didn’t wake me up for pump.
Hub: I wanted you to sleep more *evil grin*
Me: It’s alright. I switched off yours too in the morning ^^

“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.” ~ Jet Li

9.06am – It’s around 9am, and today, I’ve got this 30 minutes of silence and break. The lil’ hub had volunteered to send little milkie to school (since I don’t mind her being VERY late today), and the dad had gone to send my sister to work. Little milo (the sirens) had gone back to sleep after having his meal. My mum is still under the K.O. spell. As for me, I didn’t want to waste this 30 minutes and so I’m UP, to note down a little bit of things!

It’s another day of packing and unpacking of my room. Had to and can’t procrastinate further since there might be some minor renovation going on at the end of June, and thus I’ll have to MAKE space for the things that I kept in my mum’s toilet (which was used as a storeroom instead).

And also a day for pumping and washing of bottles, after bottles, after bottles… after… bottles… in this messy… house… OOPS.

12.23pm – Haven’t start packing for the day. Am feeling so sleepy, but am sorting out the clothes for little milo. Gee… I bought so many clothes for little milkie, but hardly for little milo… *ponder*

1.37pm – Afternoon’s pump is done. Sigh… and I’m left in a relatively depressed mode suddenly.

Today is Friday, and the lil’ hub gets to meet up with his buddy to play a new wrestling game for the whole night, which means he won’t be coming to help (that little bit) till tomorrow. While I get to eat, sleep and pump at home.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and the grandmother gets to go shopping, bringing little milkie along. While I get to eat, sleep and pump at home. The lil’ hub will be with me though…

The day after is Sunday, and the lil’ hub needs to work, so I can’t go anywhere except to stay at home and eat, sleep and pump.

I’ve been craving for western food for ages, but when I brought it up to my mum just now (which I actually intended to get it for lunch today), all she replied was, “You can have it when we are not at home.”. Yes, you might be wondering how come I couldn’t just go out? Well, let’s just say I’m trying to get myself off from my mum’s nagging. I can foresee her saying (if I just go out once), “Hmpf. Always go out. Never take care of the baby.”. Why can’t I bring the baby out? Because she’s going to nag me till I go crazy.

Sigh… if I can’t go out, at least let me have some happy food? *sulk*

Why is it that the father always still gets to enjoy even though their baby is just born?

5.18pm – Ordering KFC! Woohoo! Dad is still the best! Hardly ever rejected our request since young! Haha… well, mummy, you just have to bear with the idea of eating KFC chicken with rice & black bean soup. Weird combination, but it’s better than you having to purely eat fried chicken only right?

Now, let’s wait for the chicken to arrive…

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