Pregnancy – Post-Pregnancy Brain

If you think that you are getting oh so forgetful while you are pregnant, wait for a while and observe after you had given birth. I have to admit, really, that the brain will somehow deteriorate after the birth of the baby. The first born is bad, it will be worse for the second, at least that’s what I think after spending hours cracking my brain, trying to recall if I deposited little milkie’s CNY ang bao money into her bank account already or not.

It’s definitely frustrating, as I searched high and low for it hours ago to no avail. And I thought I kept seeing it since I’d put at some place that’s quite prominent. I don’t remember putting those money into her account but yet I ain’t sure. And somehow, that pea brain of mine can’t seem to recall anything, if there’s any at all. It simply don’t move. Sigh…

Asked the lil’ hub and he said I vaguely mentioned that I didn’t have the time to deposit. And thus I took the effort to go down and update the bank book (as the Internet banking can only show up to 3 months). Alas…it wasn’t in. So where was it? I have no idea. All I know was, I couldn’t possibly have thrown away that pack of money in a red packet. Finally and thankfully, I manage to find it under the (stupid IKEA) drawer (that was so shallow). *Phew*

Anyhow, I wasn’t bluffing when I said I couldn’t recall it at all. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep that caused this forgetfulness (pre- and post- pregnancy) or is it true that some of your brain cells will actually go to the baby. Well, if it did really go to the baby and make them more intelligent, I wouldn’t mind. Or probably somehow it just got lost in the space. Whatever it is, I can see a big difference in my memory. Does taking those brain supplements help? If it does, let me know. I think I seriously need it. Otherwise, if you are on your way to having a baby, just let your the other half knows so that they won’t get pissed off with it.


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