Ramblings #1145

It’s a daily struggle – to decide what I should do with that little spare time that I managed to squeeze out in between the pumps and eats during the day. Should I take a short nap or should I pack my room? Or maybe I should just focus on my sites that I’d been neglecting for the past 2 months. TWO months. Gosh. How time flies. I can barely get used to the exhausting schedule and adjusted my body clock yet and two months had passed. Tomorrow I’ll be going back to work for a day, guess that will really break my body and mental apart. *shivers*

In case you are wondering why did the numbering for my rambles “jumped” so much, well, I’ve had a lot of things to say for the past months, I just didn’t manage to find the time to jot it down. I really couldn’t.

Everyday started off with a pump in the dark in the middle of the night. And then I will try and get some more sleep before I wake up for another pump. That’s when my day will officially start usually. It’s too early!!

I sort of complained to the lil’ hub a few days ago and guess what he said?

“You are the one who wanted a second baby.”

Seriously, where did all these guys come from and how did I so brilliantly found one?!!

I don’t know. I can’t think of much things now except food. Food like dim sum, bak kut teh and steamboat. You can’t blame me. I’m hungry. And if my dad is cooking, I’ll be eating noodle or fried rice or kway teow. And everyday I have to battle with the food I’m going to eat with things that I actually wanted to eat. Ah… And the weird things that he did…

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