Ramblings #1147

10.30am – The noise rumbles loudly. I wondered, how did he and she still sleep so soundly? The toilets of the opposite blocks are under renovation now. Soon, it will be our turn, and chaos will follow. I have no idea how the arrangements will be like. Am only hoping that it won’t be too messy and dirty. We haven’t start packing yet. We haven’t EVEN start packing for the upcoming chalet. And what’s more? There’s so many events this coming week! My facial, baking of my own birthday cake, oh yes, my birthday, Fathers’ day, to the zoo and chalet!


It’s Monday again, and we are mid way of June. How time flies… (I don’t want it to fly). And I really haven’t done anything yet though I kept saying that I want to. So if I were to say that I want to plan and do it starting from tomorrow onwards, will I really follow through?

I’m beginning to feel a little despair, and disappointed with myself. Why did I procrastinate again and again? Am I not motivated enough? Or I’m just plain lazy?

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