10.33am – For quite a while, I haven’t been feeling that calm. Almost everyday is like a mad rush. Getting everyone to wake up and sending little milkie to school on time, then is pump and pump on time. It might seem easy but I supposed the pressure that I set on myself to make sure that there’s enough milk is giving me enough stress and restraining me from doing things to de-stress.

I’m going out today. Something that I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. Hopefully I can get as many things done as possible in that short few hours.

11.33am – ‘Landed’! So glad to have a free ride to somewhere nearby. I’ll just have to take a 10 minutes walk to my destination. Ganbatte!


11.46am – Time to sleep!

1.30pm – It has been a nice one hour and a half. I dozed off and snored slightly. Oops. Now my face feels so clean and fresh!! But I’m freaking hungry already and my boobs are exploding! Wished I can pump out right now.


1.38pm – So crowded in the train…


1.59pm – Had I knew that it’s going to be that crowded, I wouldn’t choose today to come but since I’m here then… Let’s go with the squeeze…


2.19pm – Gee… I am fainting!!! Where’s my lunch?!! But I need to pump first. Where’s the nursing room?!!!


2.31pm – This is such a relief…

2.38pm – Alright… there goes my pumping session. It’s dumb, if you asked me. Why would they want to have a changing diaper station IN a nursing room!!!! Sigh… anyway, there’s this kid outside now, yelling and crying, and whatever that he/she wants to do, the mum wants to change his/her diaper first. Great… just great… what a wonderful decision…


3.08pm – There is an obvious reason why McDonald’s still thrive over other fast food restaurant. Was famished and wanted to go for MOS Burger. Came down from the escalator and saw this lady queuing in front of me. So I queued behind but the counter staff seems to be taking his own sweet time to take the orders, and thus I walked away. Then I headed for KFC, and again, there’s a lady queuing in front and so I waited. Seriously, this was worse. The counter staff already took the order but I have no idea what is going on because after that, the staff ended up chatting with another staff… Sigh. And so… I went for my last option in that level… the Macs. It’s different. I queued behind this lady, who soon took her food, then it’s my turn where I waited for only around 2 minutes and my food is ready. Service, it matters, a lot.


3.47pm – I’m going home… had to abandon my last destination as there wasn’t enough time. At least I managed to grab some stuffs from Art Friend and Daiso ^^


3.58pm – Sad: Someone offered a seat to me on the train.
Even more sad: It was an old uncle who nicely offered the seat. WTF are all the younger people doing?!!

4.12pm – It’s going to rain soon… I’m so glad my errands had been complete. Why? Because I couldn’t find and never bring my umbrella!


5.04pm – Back at home. It had been nice… … … *pulls hair*


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