So this is my view at this moment. Waiting for my food at the cafe at the bowling place. This definitely wasn’t what I had intended to eat. And things definitely doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be… anymore…

The sis had gone back to meet her friend for dinner. Cuz had gone back too at the same time because there wasn’t much to do and her friend looks bored. Another cousin asked me whats for dinner but in the end after I finished bathing, he and his family left. Then I’m left with a bunch of oldies who wanted to eat cup noodles except my mum. So I asked her what she wants to eat (which little milkie has to eat too), and then asked the rest of the aunties and uncle too. That, somehow, pissed the lil’ hub off. He asked me why do I have to be the one getting it for them. Good question. Well, because my main purpose is to get for mum and daughter, and he can’t expect me to just get for them, right? I did take it as it is when all of them mentioned about cup noodles but again, things changed after I went up to spray some mosquito repellent. I’ve got a few orders and dad’s helping to carry.

But as I stepped out of the chalet, mum called after us. Little milkie wants to tag along. Now, we won’t be eating the food that we had intended as the cafe had closed (it wouldn’t happen if I could get those orders earlier). The food probably wasn’t enough.

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