Thoughts – Accepting That I’m Not Superb

I would be called a ‘crazy bitch’ had any of my family members knew that I’m typing away instead of sleeping away at such hours. But if not now, then when?

After refusing to accept the fact that I either have extremely poor time and money management OR I simply does not have enough sleep, time and money, for months and probably years, I have finally accepted the fact that I’m not superb. I am not a superwoman, I admit. And there is definitely no way where I can blog every single day, anymore. Wrong, I DID blog, but it’s probably called ‘mind blogging’ *LOL*

In case you are wondering, I’m currently sitting on the lil’ hub’s bed (he’s not here today, of course, otherwise I will be chided upside and down by him for not sleeping) with little milkie occupying the whole of the queen size bed (again) after I woke up for my pump. I’m a tad awake today after missing the timing for my supposedly last pump (it’s not my fault, the alarm sucks!), which means I managed to have a longer and more quality sleep.

Well, well, well, so pardon me if this post might be a litttttttle longer for I will probably have to do a summary of what’s going on in my life as of now, other than “eat.pump.sleep”. So here goes…

The latest topic for the past few days between me and the lil’ hub has been mainly just about our second house. Yes, we aimed for one for quite a while with an extremely knowledge-less agent, which seriously doesn’t get my interest up since she told us that all we can do is simply wait and wait until our MOP (the time where we can sell our house) is up, which is still about a year later. Worse still. She’s those who will only keep asking people to buy and buy, which I hated. Leave me alone and think for myself if you ever want me to buy anything. Just tell me the benefits instead of bugging me. If I want it (or maybe not really), I will buy it. The more you bugged, the more irritated I will be.

Anyhow, we went to Kovan last weekend and had a chat with this agent B, who told us that we can actually do something to ‘book’ a unit that we want NOW instead of having to wait till next year. That got both our interests up again and thus we listened on. So the next day we actually went down and had a chat with this agent B who gave us tons of information unlike the previous lady. She was there and maybe a little angry (I saw from the corner of my eyes) but I couldn’t care less. So now, we have been calculating our finance and trying to select the unit that we want.

It’s not easy, really, especially when I’m a relatively believer of fengshui. I’m glad, at least, that all 5 of us belongs to the EAST group, which makes things a lot easier. And that we have common levels that we should stay in. But it doesn’t end there. On top of the level and layout to choose, there’s still the wind, surrounding, fengshui, price etc. and lastly, the unit number (based on I-Ching). […and then little milo started crying next door…]

[30 minutes later…]

I’m back. He’s asleep. Little milkie is, still, too. And so am I. The sun will be coming up soon. It’s a Tuesday and little milkie won’t be going to school today. There’s this HFMD virus going round ever since we came back from the chalet. Nephew’s got it and now 2 of little milkie’s classmates got it. And there seems to be one ‘linking’ person – little milkie. We suspect she could be the carrier or probably the virus was the same as the previous one thus she only had a little fever. Irregardless, we will still contain her in the house till there’s no further cases, just in case.

But there is an issue. Everyday there is bound to be this question from her – “妈咪,我们今天玩什么?”

What are we playing today? Honestly, I have no idea. I’m already waaaaaaaay behind my to-do list and the brain is always in a half-woken up mode. I’m getting so mindless, how do I even have the strength to play with her when my mum needs help for little milo every now and then too?

I haven’t even mention about the noise and dust that had been circulating around since the start of the toilet upgrade for the whole block. That, is another problem. Two weeks later will be my mum’s house and we probably will have to sleep at my aunt’s place. But prior to that we will have to pack all the stuffs that’s been stored in my mum’s MBR toilet. And generally, those things inside are mine *gasp*. Don’t ask me, I have no idea where to put all those things (I need an extremely big house with lots of storage!!!)

And then there’s the daily pondering of how and when I can do things. Since I haven’t got the time and strength to do it, I can only ponder while in the toilet or briefly before I fall asleep. And now… my energy seems to be used up so I guess I will go nap a while more first… Will try and continue later in the day…

[4 hours later…]

Had my breakfast and am now sitting beside little milkie who is watching Ironman movie. She’s scare but yet she wants to watch. Sigh… Why pass the dvd to her? And when she said she wants to be Ironman…

Milkie: Mommy, I want the real Ironman clothes…

Me: They only sell in adult size and you don’t fit in it.

Milkie: Why?!!

Me: Because you always don’t want to sleep early and eat.

Milkie: But the aunties they all always here until very late…

Great. Always pushing the blame to others. I’m going to so bloody close the door early today and make sure she sleeps. And stop asking me about the movie every single second!

And it’s freaking so dusty!!!!

Great. Just great. And it’s the last day of June while I hardly done anything yet… Ah…

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