Ramblings #1175

9.40am – Everything wasn’t done in a smooth way, seriously. As much as I knew I will be the “deploy manager” in time to come, I wasn’t told of anything else, or handover with stuffs. Did people expect me to “click!” and know everything on my own? I’m beginning to think I’m a genius, and thus I shan’t waste my talent over here, right?

10.15am – Actually the more I think, the more pissed I am. They DON’T seem to ask me what path do I feel like taking, and then just threw me with that kind of work. First it’s PMO, and that’s the one I wanted, but in the end, I does more audit related job. And now, deploy manager but yet not a manager? So it’s going to be “Deploy Analyst”? WTH.

10.19am – Wait. How can a non-manager approves things!!! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

1.15pm – It was already bad to begin with. To know that I’m so far off from my peers. But now, to know that I’m soooo far off from my colleagues too, it simply makes my blood boiled even more. It’s about time.

2.12pm – The dilemma of a mother and a friend – to go or not to go? I’d agreed and if I backed out now, I think she will kill me, and it’s not nice to the rest either. But yet I felt bad to not go back home to my little milkie early especially when she’s not feeling well… Ah… I shall not agree to go anywhere else from now on…

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