Ramblings #1182

3.22pm – Like what the lil’ hub said, it’s going to be terrible as I’m beginning to have memory failure. Earlier this morning, I’d forgotten to bring my spectacles out. Luckily I’ve got a spare in my office. Then at lunch, I realised that I left my hp in the ladies’ restroom. Goodness me… how can that happen! But the worst thing came when I wanted to get help. I couldn’t. Fortunately and unfortunately, I only remember a few numbers. Those of my family members and that’s it. I felt totally helpless in front of the phone which I borrowed. A call to the lil’ hub didn’t help because he never picked up the phone. Somehow, I managed to get one of my colleagues through the help of the staff at the club. And thankfully, some kind soul returned my phone to my receptionist in the office.

I’m backing up all the photos in my hp now. I think that’s by far the most important thing in my hp. And I think I ought to start helping my mum to select photos to be developed.

After this incident, I think it would be good to not give my children a handphone at too early of age. I need them to use their brain… yes… Or else, the brain will simply switch off by itself…

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