Ramblings #1183

10.08am – So… did I have a good rest in that 2 days of MC? HELL NO!!! I’m feeling freaking more tired than ever! I could hardly sit down and have a good rest for my dearest little milkie kept on asking me to accompany her to play this and that. It’s till a point where I had to bargain with her to give me that 10 minutes rest.

Thankfully it’s Friday already. But my gastric seems to be giving me some problems early in the morning. There’s supposed to be a meeting at 9.30am but that had been postponed. I haven’t done anything yet since the morning other than having my usual breakfast. If you ask me, I’ve got totally no mood for work today but because of that 2 days MC, my work had piled up. Gosh… what should I do now?

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