Thoughts – From 1 to 4 Alarms

I HAVE POWER-UP!! That’s the first thing that crossed my mind as I cleared my notifications in the morning. Wrong. I’m joking. It’s not. My first reaction when I saw <Missed alarm 6.00am>, <Missed alarm 6.15am> and <Missed alarm 6.30am>, at around 9.30am after I reached office, was “HOLY SHIT!!! Did I NOT hear ALL THOSE ALARMS RINGING?!!!!!!! O.O!!!!!!… !!!!

Yes, you are right. And I did only manage to clear my notifications when I’m at work. Why? It’s because I’ve been rushing to get out of the house early in the morning. Yes, you are right again. Just GET OUT of the HOUSE for I’m FREAKING late for work, AGAIN. And it’s usually after I dropped my daughter and reached office for 10 minutes or so before my mind starts to wake up. It’s only waking up, and it definitely doesn’t mean that it’s working FINE.


I just came back from running some errands during my lunch time. Had wanted to write this post early in the morning like 9-ish, but was interrupted by a…

C: Hey, can you come to mars for a while?
Me: No. I’m on Earth. I don’t know how to go to Mars. *LOL*
C: *Speechless*

Well, some smart alec in my company chose the planets names as the name for each of our meeting rooms and so… (it’s so BLOODY DIFFICULT to remember some of those names, FYI)

Alright. I think the song “Mad World” by Adam Lambert definitely ain’t going to make me less mad (it’s true that I think I’m going mad). So shall switch… to… “I Like It’ by Enrique Iglesias. Blast it, girl…! Okay.. cannot… just asked. Later my “neighbour” complains…

Anyhow, I’m really getting so exhausted so much so I ain’t doing anything, and of which resulted in a pile of work that will stress me out even more. I’m stuck, in a vicious cycle. And I can’t get myself out when the motivation is so damn low…

Don’t ask me why? It’s just everything… Work, kids, parents, business, my stupid fats, lack of sleep, money… I guess my cough did greatly affect my mood too. It definitely is a lot more difficult to breathe when you have a mask over your nose and mouth. I’m coughing and in order not to spread the virus like everyone else, I had no choice but to endure… But at times I seriously wonder if its worth it. For I kept getting stares as if I came from one of the stars up there -.-”’

You know… you don’t know. I also don’t know. Nobody knows. I have no idea what I’m thinking or writing.

I took a lot of photos. The initial idea was for posting but I’m not sure if I have the time to put them in here. I have lost most of my motivation if not all. To do anything at all… how…? Sorry for the rants…

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