Ramblings #1184

7.05am – Was it a coincidence? Or was it some kind of telepathy? That little milo knows that I’m about to take a short nap and thus woke up so that he can has his milk fast? *sulk* There goes my 26 minutes of short nap before heading up to prepare for the day…

I’m still freaking tired, if that’s what you are wondering. My cough’s not getting any better but probably that’s because I never really control what I’m eating. The weekend’s not too bad though we never really went out. There’s still tons of things which I haven’t started. Will try and plan (again) later if I’ve got the time and mood.

Anyway, it’s a Monday and I definitely DO NOT want to spoil it since I’m feeling relatively good today somehow. So GOOD MORNING & hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

8.54am – The air is bad. Really bad. I wonder if it’s due to the burning or the haze…

10.09am – Looks like my admin more or less really got the job already. Aw… which means I’ll be left alone, and that makes everything even more *sulk* on top of whatever that is already there, such as me in this company for 4 years already with NO promotion and pathetic increment and bonus, a lot of people earning more than me including those BN ones, additional work with NO promotion nor increment. Sick. Makes me feel so sick.

2.21pm – Tomorrow, a good friend will be leaving for Korea to study their language for half a year. Hope she will enjoy herself when she’s there. At times I wished I can have a life as such but then of course, I know it’s not possible now, and I wouldn’t want to trade my current state for anything else. At the most, I will take half a day off and rot it away… so… shall I do it this week? *ponder*

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