Ramblings #1185

2.15am – Who would have thought that I started the first day of a new month sleeping so “early”. At 1am+, I am still cutting the laminated Teachers’ Day cards for little milkie. And only now then I’m ready to get to bed. Ah… my back..

5.29am – Crap. Never wear diaper, and she peed. Wore diaper, pee also leak…

5.39am – Sigh… my pumping time is out again. Shall take a short nap if I’m still early later.

6.57am – Yeah! Half an hour of sleep and now I’m going to la la land…

8.13am – DAMN! I got kicked (literally) out of my sleep! And I’m so freaking late!!! What happened to my half an hour nap… *urgh*

9.15am – Ah… was so damn late today, and the moment I switched on my lappie, my boss called to tell me to clear up the outstanding issues. Looks like I can’t apply for any leave till I make sure that I clear those issues first. Ganbatte!

9.39am – *PULLS HAIR* What’s with that SAME creepy crawly doing on my admin’s back again?!!! But it does really look exactly as the one in my dad’s car… it can’t be the same one, right? Oh gross, gross… I can feel it on my arms… *EUUUUUUKKKK*

10.07am – Gosh… I’m fainting… who should I look for to change the timing for tomorrow’s butterfly event? The audit still got issues… how? How? Check what documents? I’m not supposed to be doing the quality assessment!!! And what else… *bangs head against wall*

11.41am – It’s bursting again… but my meeting hasn’t ended and I have no idea where I’m going to for lunch. My eyes are closing, brains switching off… how am I to survive the rest of the day? When… *stares at the list* There is definitely something wrong with my time management. No, no, no… how can I start my month like that…?!! *freaks out again*

11.43am – Oh CRAP! It’s the first day of the month, which means I’ve got a few reports to run!!!!!!!!! *adds it to list*

4.41pm – When you are doing something monotonously that you don’t understand, you puked blood, and the other party puked blood too. Sigh…

Feel like squeezing my 2 little darlings now…

*I wish I can clear all my load, for once…*

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