Thoughts – Vote Wisely, Singaporeans!

Good morning everyone! It’s the time where your Facebook feed is filled with tons of sarcastic pictures and what not of the parties involved in the General Elections! Oh yes, GE is coming. In a week’s time, it’ll be the polling day. 9-11, I wonder why did they pick that date…

Well, well, well… again, as I have always mentioned. I am not one who loves politics or actually really read it up. But when more than 3/4 of your FB feeds are filled with related articles and posts, news reporting on some of the speeches the parties said and friends talking about it, one will be curious to take a peek and see what is actually going on. Especially for the fact that right now, I’ve got 2 young children. And whatever decision that I made will probably affect their future.

Now, this is the problem. I’m torn between these 2 choices. I mean, I’m voting in a GRC where most likely one Party will win, but that doesn’t stop me from voting against that Party right?

And yes again, I’m torn between these 2 parties.

The last election was probably a lot easier, when you still see the complacent and arrogance look of the Party, and don’t see the hard work or even much initiatives being done by the Party. And there’s a lot of complaints, even for someone like me. But for the last 5 years or so, it can be seen that at least they are TRYING (from what I see as an ignorant Citizen). I’m not sure if they are sincerely trying to be better or trying to hard.

So now here’s the problem… should we vote for the Party that will probably continue to do something? But what happens if they stop doing after they realize that people are voting for them again? And then what’s going to happen for the next 5 years? *Suddenly you see an influx of F. talents and everything going up, uP and UP!*

But then on the other hand… do I just cast my vote for the Opposite party simply because I want to vote AGAINST the Party, and then in the end let some dogs and cats earn $10k+++ every month? THOSE are my money too!

No, seriously. I’m perfectly alright if the Opposite party is someone to be respected, who has ideas that doesn’t sound like a joke. But come on, free this, free that…? Where do you think the money come from? Government? And where do you think the government’s money come from? Do they even know how basic economics work?

“Because I want to be elected.”

Goodness gracious me. I almost fainted when I heard of this candidate trying to elect in this GE. I’m sorry, not that I’m demeaning you or whatsoever just because you are a driver. But when that is your reason for wanting to join this election, then… *speechless*

And what is the point of simply pointing out all the problems? Like what I, or some of the managers in a company, would say – “Don’t give me problems. Give me solutions.” What is the point of telling me all the problems when I know it, and a lot of people who sat in the coffeeshops also know it (and maybe know more problems than you)?

Of course, there are definitely some good ones in the Opposite party, and are even BETTER than the candidates in the Party. Those are the people who will get my vote if they are in my GRC.

I’m still thinking, and thinking hard. How about you? Who would you vote for?

Ah! Don’t tell me! It’s supposed to be a secret! ^^ So vote WISELY, Singaporeans!

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