Healthy Living – Handling Haze & Dust

It’s a tad too late for me to prevent now, since both my children is down with cough due to either the virus that still lingers around since weeks ago, or the haze and dust that’s coming strongly towards our direction.

“Hey do you know that Indonesia is giving us free ice-cream for #GE2015?”
“What brand?”
“Haze 跟 Dust.”

Yes, that was the joke that had been circulating around for the past few days. It sure sounds funny, for a while, for subsequently after that, as a mother of two, I only wish I can delete those id**ts that commanded the burning of the forests. Not only had the burning cause the haze and dust, it’s NOT the first time. And what’s more, there goes the home for so many living creatures. Global warming? That’s how it happened. Due to brainless people who only thinks for themselves.

Pardon me for the above, for I couldn’t help it when I see the PSI reading going up and UP! And it’s been mentioned in the news that it will hit 200 soon.

Anyhow, stay indoors where possible with the windows and doors closed. It doesn’t help when both are still open. If you hadn’t get hold of an air purifier yet, please go and get one at least. And get one which is a little more recognized. Heard that if it’s too small scale, it doesn’t really help much. I’m using Novita NAS 6000. So far so good since the last smoky period in 2013. Another brand that I know is Honeywell. Drink more water and eat more vegetables as well as fruits.

Look out for breathlessness for children especially those young ones. If it happens, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Hang in there, peeps!

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