Education – I’m a Tiger Mom?

Never have I, in my whole life, imagined that I will end up to be what? A tiger mom? Am I really one?

Personally, I’m never one who studies extremely hard, especially after I grew older. My results were slightly better than average when I was young and slowly turn to the bad, and then worse. But I still graduated from local University, with a quite alright job and salary. My parents never have too high an expectation from me, and thus, I never think that I would have that same concept for my children either. And thus, since my first born, I assumed that she will proceed to enter my primary school when she’s 7 years old.

But alas…

Things started to change about a year ago when friends around me started to tell me the importance of a primary school, and subsequently. And my worst fear came when a primary school friend of mine told me that our primary school ain’t as good compared to others nearby and that I should reconsider my choice.

A colleague of mine, at the same time, started to tell me about some of the better schools around my area and… that’s it… I fell into the trap…

I’m not exactly sure if I’m a tiger mom or not. Honestly, I don’t really care. All I know is I will try and do something for my children. Of course, what will be, will be. If they aren’t the academically inclined, I won’t really want to push them too hard. But if they are given an opportunity, I believe we should help them to grab it.

So now, I’d joined the SHHK (Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan) and I’ll be attending their new members’ gathering near the end of September *shivers*

But for little milkie and milo, I’ll endure!

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