Ramblings #1191

8.59am – So another day had gone and today is a brand new hazy day, again, thanks to our fantastic neighbours. Ah… I’m freaking tired. Due to that chain of duties last night, I showered at almost midnight and washed my hair. Of course, since it usually takes about an hour for the hair to dry, it gave me no surprise. And then little milo woke up and cried for milk at his usual timing at 4-ish. I woke up but didn’t get out of the bed for I saw my sister bringing the milk in. BUT then, I woke up shortly after that to pump. So that’s it, timing interrupted, and it’s not just mine but little milkie’s too. For she got woken up. And due to that, I spared her from going to school today, again… Sigh…

Good morning everyone…

9.35am – A colleague just came to me and told me that she felt that her life sucks, and that she’s very disappointed with it. Of course she would be, who wouldn’t? But how can one complain when advices were fell on deaf ears, times and again?

On numerous occasions, I kept telling her to do this and that, and not to do this nor that, if she wants to improve her life. Sure, I am no professional counsellor or psychiatrist but I’m pretty sure I will be a good one if I really become one. But then, did she ever heed my advices? The answer is NO, no matter how small the issue is. Yes, she will nod her head but then I’d never seen her following. Sigh…

She’s not the only one. I mean, of course, one don’t always have to listen to the other. But like the saying goes, sometimes the person outside of the cycle can see clearer. I hope she will do better in future.

Today I heard that there will be a riot in Malaysia. Hope those people will be alright too… Why can’t there be world peace? *ponder*

1.54pm – Raining. Seeded rain? Acid rain? It’s still just rain. “Impossible… …”

4.19pm – Testing the report for the past 2 hours wasn’t fun at all. Blood pressure going up, blood thrown out of my mouth and what not. Had wanted to take a short break and went to the restroom. The phone vibrated and I’m glad the lil’ hub messaged. But then… he started to tell me about some new ideas of his, again.

I wasn’t encouraging at all. How could I be? I used to be but not anymore. Not when his passion never lasted for a week and my efforts and time being wasted to help him to research here and there.

I’m tired enough, baby…

4.52pm – Funny. I was commenting my lunch kaki that her eye bag is getting bigger and should sleep. And then she told me that I had it as well. Of course! Am I having enough sleep now? *LOL*

*crawling towards my bed…*

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