Thoughts – The Luckier Ones

I never considered myself as the luckier ones. All too often, I grumbled and complained about life, especially when I was young. Maybe it’s still considered quite minor compared to some of my friends for I’m still considered as a positive and happy person in general, but deep inside, I DID grumbled. It started to worsen as I got myself attached, and then detached, and then attached, and then detached, and so on, till I met Joey Yap, who (sort of) enlightened me, through words ~ “It’s actually not a problem. You think it’s a problem and you created it yourself. So the best solution is – Don’t think”. It’s not those words that he exactly said but it’s something like that.

Great. Am I that free? That, basically is simply telling me that I blow up small issues into big ones. And yes, indeed, as time goes by, I realised, it is true.

I was born into a normal family with loving parents and sister. Never was I, for once, when young, required to do any household chores (at all). We didn’t really travel to very far places, only to Genting Highlands most of the time, but we were happy (and that probably matters the most). Even till now, where possible, my dad will try and handle as much chores as he could.

When it comes to relationship, there usually won’t have any issue so long I don’t start thinking. Of course, that will be the case since my tolerance level is relatively quite high. And actually if you think about it, whatever things that I complained weren’t really very serious problems either.

If it comes to job searching, I think till now I really am thankful that I don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for one before they offered the job to me. It wasn’t the best, but it would never be the worse.

And now I’ve got 2 wonderful, adorable and healthy kids… what more could I ask for? Yes, I’m freaking lack of sleep (but who isn’t). My finance is in a mess (but I’m never really THAT broke). My figure is out of shape (but I still can save it IF I put in the effort). My current job doesn’t pay that well (but… ).

Compared to the one across, I’m a lot better. As in, it seems, really a lot. I do hope that I can help her a little bit, but it’s limited. All that I can do for now is try to advise her where possible.

Is it true that some are indeed born luckier? I believe so, to a certain extent. For some don’t really need to do anything but yet can have everything. While some tried hard but yet can never achieve anything. Nonetheless, I do also believe in positive thinking, that the mind is a powerful tool and if in its positive state, it can do wonders.

So let’s all start to be positive today! And may all the good luck starts coming!

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