Ramblings #1193

9.17am – Don’t you find my life getting repetitive? Yes, it’s Monday again and I’m back at work. And I still got my pile of work and tons of stuffs that I felt like doing but hadn’t got the time to. I’m still as fat, and the lil’ hub finds me entertaining and burst out laughing when I said the following while out shopping at the clothes section:

Me to the Sales Assistant: Is this free size? *pointing to a dress*
Sales Assistant: Yes.
*Thanks the SA and walks away*
Me to lil’ hub: You know. I used to love shopping, especially for clothes. But now my first question to the sales lady was actually “Is this free size?”.


Nothing interesting. I’m still as bored, and tired, and exhausted, and sleepy, and… do they all mean similar things?

9.58am – And bloody hell (pardon my language), am I the ONLY user available to do the testing??!!! In the first place, why is a user doing such testing!! I shouldn’t need to be picking up on such unit/SIT testing errors! *grumpy*

10.04am – Time flies… it really FLIES…

10.15am – How… did they pass… SIT?

10.58am – SERIOUSLY, I wonder if it’s the vendor’s problems OR our own problems. Why didn’t anyone foresee or tested this before? Write the issue in excel? I doubt there’s space for me to do it there…

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