Ramblings #1194

10.01am – Alright! Good morning peeps! Have you ever seen anyone who always plan but yet never work on it, or probably dropped out half way? Now here’s a chance! Because I AM HERE! *LOL*

Ah… it sucks, didn’t it?

Well, I’d been previously “diagnosed” with “having too many focus, and thus lose focus” syndrome, and I’m trying hard to curb myself from doing that, and instead, simply focus on one and work on it. But my “get bored easily” character kept stopping me from doing that. How?

That is to actually say, nothing much was being done. *LOL*

2.18pm – *DING!* Suddenly, a thought came into my mind… am I able to track my goals in my blog? *ponder…*

2.36pm – Okay. I think it’s not really feasible…

2.37pm – I really don’t like them to walk behind me so often…

5.18pm – Personally, I don’t like the idea that I seem to be the ONLY person doing those testing. It’s TOO detailed a testing already, which logically speaking already should not be that way. And it’s repeated testing again and again. Do I have no other work to do? Furthermore, I’ve been given deadlines. Hello?! I am not the BPA, I am the user. I should not need to chase after my boss! You guys are the one who desperately needed the sign off! I’ve given all my feedback and that’s it! This had already taken too much of my time!

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