Thoughts – Retrenched

The whole atmosphere wasn’t the same as the usual cheery and chirpy morning greetings. It’s as if someone had died and people are grieving over that someone. It feels so solemn.

I tried hard to keep my smile to myself. No, I ain’t mocking at those people who received the notification yesterday. I’m just my usual self for I wasn’t in the office yesterday to hear the news, and thus didn’t know how badly hit were those people who were retrenched. Furthermore I had already anticipated it with my “lead”.

I guess it’s very bad for those who has totally no intention of leaving. And especially for those who are of age, and relatively difficult to find another job, or that they were only on Employment Pass. But for some of them, it could be a blessing. For one, I am definitely one who don’t mind taking that package. And I actually thought that I might have the chance when my boss messaged me to ask if she can call me. She did, but only to say: “The main point is, the 2 of you (my teammate & I) are not affected.”


Honestly, it’s a disappoint for both of us because neither of us wanted to stay, and we wished so much that we can get the retrenchment package.

I am not being sarcastic. Really. I was just wondering that it would be good if employees have a choice to decide if they want to be retrenched or not. If they don’t want to, then they will have to prove themselves within a certain period to show their worth. Otherwise, take the package and leave.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. I doubted that it would happen. And yes, I know although now I am thankful in a way that I still am able to retain this job, I will not be even more thankful unless the economy reflects it directly or that it’s really difficult for me to find another job.

Whatever the case, I just hope those who got retrenched will find another job soon.

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