6.22am – I can’t believe I’m already up and awake for the past hour! On a weekday! *stoned* Ah… don’t be surprise, I’m extremely tired now but yet I can’t sleep because I have to ensure that my little girl reaches her school on time. It’s a promise, if she sleeps early, I have to keep it. So… hang in there…

7.16am – She’s so funny… my little milkie… what’s with all the kids and make-ups… *recalling those times when I was young and was fascinated by my mum’s cosmetics*

Me: Ok, done.
Milkie: I can’t see anything.
Me: There is, it’s just very light. Ok, will put more for you
*Puts slightly thicker*
Me: So how? Now ok?
Milkie: Ok.
Me: *faintz*

Kids, can never appreciate light make-up…


8.05am – It’s amazing that I reached the office so early. But it’s good, for I can take a slow breakfast with blasted music… *LOL* Good morning!

2.15pm – Asked me and I will tell you, yes, I do felt kinda bad, especially at such times, and even more worse when my director just had a chat with me (and he’s going to do that to everyone else because of the rift). Though it has totally nothing to do with my decision, since I haven’t even mention anything, I do feel bad for “dumping” them…

But… every man for himself… I need to think for my future, right?

2.26pm – Why am I hesitating at this point…?

2.59pm – It’s confirmed, at least, verbally. Suddenly, there seems to be a lot of things to sort out. And then there will be a list of restrictions. Mid November, that’s the target.

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