Ramblings #1199

6.19am – If you think I’m waking up very early now, I beg to differ. I think I’ll have to wake up even earlier in another month’ time. Die. Is waking up at 5.30am enough? Any earlier I’m afraid that my health and work performance will be affected. But I will continue to endure and hang in there. 6 months plus more to go! Keep on pumping!

7.06am – A sense of uneasiness dawns on me as I recalled about the discussion that the lil’ hub and I had late last night. It’s about the little future love nest that we had decided to get. Did we get it too quickly without much considerations?

It was originally enough (barely) after calculations and estimations, thus we proceeded. But shortly after the confirmation, there came the news from him that he got some dates wrongly, and he won’t be getting the $30,000 that he ‘promised’. And that is basically telling me that we are short of $30,000. It’s not a small sum but I thought we will manage that. But yesterday, after consulting a banker, he told me that the loan we can get next year is $20,000 lesser than what is expected previously due to our age and job. Alas… Will that amount to $50,000?

I prayed hard that we won’t end up like that.

And I think I seriously need to do some sidelines. But how much can I earn with that?

7.31am – Calm down… Calm down…

7.40am – Which is a better choice? Get the loan in January and borrow from other possible alternatives to meet the amount, or get the loan later so that the loan amount is more but the interest rates might be higher?

*cracking me pea brain*

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