Ramblings #1201

2.14pm – Surprise? Yes, I’m rather surprised too, for I’m at IKEA now with the lil’ hub while I try to sort out what I should be doing, and him trying to write a book. Hmm… it’s a good start even if nothing was done. At least, from what I see, it would be rather difficult for him to complete much since… I have no idea why is he looking at the formatting portion when there’s zero content at this point. *LOL*

I’m sorry, but indeed, I do find him amusing. Nonetheless, it’s a good start for the both of us. Ganbatte! Zzz…

Oh yes, I’m on medical leave. I didn’t lie. I AM really coughing now with slight sore throat. I was given antibiotics too but I doubt I will take it. I don’t want to risk my milk supply dropping.

And yes, another thing, before I forgot. Someone pisses me slightly in the morning. Didn’t do any handover at all and then expect me to simply take over and start approving. I wonder which screw is loose. Do I look like I’m joking when I told him to book my time? Right, probably it’s my fault for saying it jokingly. But c’mon… you are supposed to handover some stuffs to me, am I to initiate or you?

3.01pm – After almost an hour, what have I done so far? Finished reading all the news and looking at inspirational pictures. So now it’s time to start! How about the lil’ hub? The last I’d heard him talking, he wrote 3 lines and is now playing game on his handphone. *LOL*

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