Breastfeeding – 6 Months Milestone HIT!

I admit, I did have second thoughts of continuing to breastfeed little milo but I’m glad that I did not and persevere on! And now that I’d pumped for the past 6 months, I FEEL SO SATISFIED!! Especially when my little milo is such a chubby little cutie!

Indeed, it had been a long and arduous journey, with me waking up at the wee hours during the earlier months, and pumping every 3 hours. Now that I’m mostly pumping 4 times a day, it definitely gave me more rest time. But that doesn’t make it much easier for I usually only get to sleep around midnight, and then subsequently waking up at 6am to ensure that I’m not too late for work.

The yield was definitely better compared to little milkie times. Of course, I’m more experience and with the help from so many mummies, I’d gained lots of knowledge! So if you asked me if it’s good to join those group, yes, it is. So far, on average, I’m still yielding 700ml per day, which is equivalent to 5 bottles of feed (little milo’s drinking 140ml now), and that is like 2/3 for the day. It’s not a lot, honestly. My milk supply doesn’t allow me to store any excess, which means if I stop, then it stops, which is one of my concerns when I changed my job in a month’s plus time. Nevertheless, I will still try to carry on and as long as there is milk, I will pump (at least until he is 1 year old).

Next target! 9 months! Fighting!!

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