9.42am – It’s FRIDAY! FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! My mood is good other than a bit dampen by the seller at Carousell. It’s the first time I’m buying items from there and there don’t seem to be any news from the seller after I transferred the money. Acknowledgement, it’s very important when it involves a transaction. I hope I won’t lose the money (thankfully it’s not a lot) as there seems to be one bad review of that person. Anyhow, it’s more of the “I-want-that-item” issue than the “I’m-going-to-waste-my-money”.

Halloween’s coming and we’ll be having a mini party. But no matter how mini it is, it involves at least around 20 peeps. And now I’m wondering who should I dress up as? Or are the rest even thinking of dressing up for the party…


Yes, I know. I asked for it. When I’m already so busy, I top it up with even more things by organizing events. Likewise planning activities for my kids. Do I benefits from it other than the lack of sleep and a hole in the pocket? Yes, of course, something that can’t be measured. Satisfaction & Joy. Well, nothing to complain about even if I’m lack of sleep then. I just wish I have more time to do whatever I want. One lifetime, am I able to try it all?

Life’s good thus far, ever since I handed up that piece of paper. The mood has changed a little, inspirations getting a little better. I’ll definitely miss this place and the people. If only they suddenly tell me that they’ll up my salary by 20%. *dream on* It’s all because of the money, really. The sh*ts probably only affect just a small bit. Don’t you know when it comes to work, most of the time it can be compensated through monetary means? But sigh… being a small fly, why would they (the people at the top) care?

“Your life does not get better by CHANCE. It gets better by CHANGE.”

I’m changing it and I hope it’s for the better…

Little milo’s getting huge and weighs like a bag of rice. It’s good, I mean, of course. He’s absorbing all the nutrients from my breastmilk. Little milkie is getting so attention seeking in a way.

And I’m still not getting any response from the Carousell seller. And same goes to the mommy’s group. It’s only an acknowledgement. Yes or no. In or out. Accepted or rejected. Can’t people simply reply to let the other party knows?

Whatever. I’m going to start work.

3.47pm – I’m bored. There are tons of things to do but I’m still bored and I don’t feel like doing them.

3.59pm – YES! I found this premium bus that goes from my parents’ place to my new workplace! Woohoo! Now I just need to catch its timing and that will do! From the information that I gathered, it takes around 45 minutes, which means I don’t have to leave as early as I had previously planned! Nice! But hmm… the frequency is like 25 to 35 minutes… hmm… So I guess I probably still have to go out at the same time… Oh well, at least I don’t need to change the trains.

5.23pm – It’s almost time to go home. I feel so sleepy…

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